Brahmaputra cruises feature visits and attractions such as wildlife viewing, village walks, visits to tea gardens, exploring country towns in cycle rickshaws, barbecues on deserted river islands, dance performances, and visits to craft workshops.

Between October and April, we offer a series of 4- to 10-night cruises, named after the Assam Despatch service, the daily mail and passenger service that once plied from Kolkata up the Brahmaputra to Dibrugarh. Cruises can be combined to create itineraries up to 14 nights.

Our Brahmaputra cruises were rated among the world's top 10 most adventurous cruises by the CNN.

Private exploration of the Brahmaputra river

For those interested in private exploration of the Brahmaputra river, we offer to you M.V. Rudra Singha as featured on Channel 4 UK's Great Canal Journeys.


M.V. Rudra Singha is a new tastefully appointed houseboat that is ideal for a couple or a small family (up to two children).

The houseboat is owned by lahé life and brought to you by Assam Bengal Navigation.