Terms and conditions

1. Reservations can only be confirmed on receipt of a deposit of 20% of the total cost (or full payment if within 6 weeks of cruise departure or within 4 weeks of arrival at Jungle Lodges).

Final balance is payable 6 weeks before departure for cruise and four weeks before arrival at Lodges. Failure to pay may be treated as a cancellation, and our cancellation terms applied.

Cancellation charges


More than 6 weeks before departure of cruise: 10% of charges

Between 4 and 6 weeks before departure of cruise: 20% of charges

Between 2 and 4 weeks before departure or arrival at lodges: 50% of charges

Less than 2 weeks before departure of cruise or 1 week before arrival at lodges: 100% of charges.

2. While every effort will be made to maintain the itinerary, in view of fluctuating river conditions and navigational or mechanical difficulties, all schedules and itineraries are subject to change without notice.

3. Clients must accept the decisions of the captain, cruise and Lodge managers, who are responsible for the safety of the vessel/lodges. The cruise/lodge managers shall have the power to remove from the vessel/lodges any client if considered necessary for their medical safety or whose actions are materially affecting the enjoyment of the cruise/lodges by other clients. 

4. Clients must be fully insured to cover the costs of medical evacuation, and the company cannot accept responsibility for arranging such evacuation.

5. The company cannot accept liability for loss or damage to passengers' property whilst staying with us. All valuables should be deposited with the cruise or lodge manager.

6. Should fuel costs rise by more than 10% over those obtaining at the time of publishing the yearly tariff, the company may impose a fuel surcharge to cover the extra cost. 

7. Assam Bengal Navigation makes the safety of its clients its highest priority, is continually monitoring local conditions, and may modify or cancel cruises for this reason. Nevertheless there may be occasions when opinions vary over the safety of visiting the region, and we have therefore introduced the following conditions.


The client warrants that at the time of booking, he is not travelling to the specific area of the cruise contrary to the advice of his own national Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Should that advice have subsequently changed to a definite recommendation against travelling for leisure purposes to the specific area of the cruise, and should the altered advice still be current 10 days or less before departure, then Assam Bengal Navigation will credit all moneys paid towards a subsequent booking to be taken within 24 months of the initial departure date. Where the client has initially booked contrary to the recommendations of his own government and subsequently decided to cancel, our normal cancellation conditions will apply.

8. Any dispute arising out of this contract will be governed by Indian law under Guwahati High Court jurisdiction.

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