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Indian river cruising is back; Borders open!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

India’s borders are open! Our excitement knows no bounds at the thought of welcoming guests to our part of India again.

The Indian government recently announced that they will start granting tourist visas to international guests arriving on regular flights from November 15, 2021. We hope this eagerly anticipated and much-needed news marks the beginning of post-pandemic travel.

The pandemic has no doubt been an incredibly tough time for the tourism industry worldwide, but we're pleased to say that we've now come out the other end, a little weathered from the storm but still positive about the future. And, we've retained most of our wonderful staff too who graciously kept their faith in us through thick and thin.

To that end, we've completed annual maintenance of our ships, and our staff are all vaccinated and ready to welcome our guests!

If you are as excited as us to travel again, please do have a look at the latest schedules, and we hope to see you on board our cruises this season.

ABN Charaidew II and ABN Sukapha on the Brahmaputra river in Assam

Other cruising updates

Ship changes

While ABN Rajmahal will continue cruising the lower Ganges (Hooghly river) and upper Ganges, ABN Sukapha will join ABN Charaidew II on the Brahmaputra river.

An exciting new route!

A new route further upstream on the Brahmaputra river now awaits our guests. We will offer 4-night and 7-night cruising itineraries that will operate between Dibrugarh and Silghat (near Kaziranga) from Nov ’22 till April ’23.

Check out this schedule for departure dates for these special itineraries.

We are currently working on final touches on these itineraries and we will be in touch with an update soon. The itineraries are not yet live on our website.


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