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Bengal Memories - 3N/4D Ganges River Cruise in India

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Bengal Memories is an ideal 3N/4D Ganges river cruise for leisure travellers who are short on time but don't want to miss out on one of the best travel experiences of India.

Whether you're yearning for cultural immersion or slow-paced exploration, river cruising offers an intimate encounter into the soul of India, the holy Ganges and it is also a leisurely alternative to driving long-distances. River cruises don’t just take you into the countryside, they let you get under it skin and feel its pulse and see its scenery and sights close up.

"Meandering up the Hooghly river (also known as the Lower Ganges River), you’ll come across city after city where major European colonial powers tried to get a toehold—the British in Kolkata, the Portuguese in Bandel, the French in Chandernagore, the Dutch in Chinsurah and the Danes in Serampore. While colonisation efforts met with varying degrees of success, each of these cities retains architectural memories of those times." - National Geographic India

This 3N/4D Ganges cruise combined with the quintessential Kolkata city experience is the best introduction to east India and to Bengal's rich colonial history and culture. Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) has a rich culture, and is known for its literary and artistic heritage.The port of Kolkata is India's oldest operating port, from where you will embark on your river journey.

The prominent sights are:


This beautiful village that sits on the bank of the river Ganges is considered holy by Hindus. It is the birthplace of Sri Krishna Chaitanya who was born in the 15th century and is believed to be the reincarnation of Hindu deity Krishna. In the village of Sri Mayapur, it was Chaitanya who first taught widespread mass chanting and singing mantras. Travelers visiting this city can meditate at the ISKCON Temple or pay homage to the shrine of Srila Pabhupada.


Chandannagar, formerly a French Colony is a corporation city in West Bengal, India. The city’s name derives from the shape of the Ganges River forming a crescent moon where ‘Chand’ means moon and ‘Nagar’ means city. Chandannagar was first established as a French Colony in 1673 and became a permanent French settlement until 1756 when war ensued between France and Great Britain. By 1947, India became an independent nation. Travelers visiting Chandannagar can stroll through the Chandannagar Strand, The Sacred Heart Church of Chandannagar, the French Cemetery, or the Nandadulal Temple.


Sitting on the western bank of Bhagirathi is a town named after the deity Goddess Kali, Maa Ambika. Ambika Kalna or 'Kalna' is known as the 'City of Temples.' Upholding its title is the 108 Shiva temples built in1809 and in addition, the Rajbari palace. The beautiful marbles, intricate stone shivlingas, unique steeples and revered sculptures gives the city of Kalna unmatched grace.

In this 3-night river cruise, you will sail past the old Dutch settlement of Chinsura, lush green pastures, villages filled with beaming faces of children, visit the imposing Imambara of the Mughal era and the old French colony of Chandannagar, take a cycle ride through local markets, visit the beautiful terracota temples and Shiva temples, learn about 'Hare Krishna' movement at their very grandiose centre, sip on tea and cocktails, enjoy evening cultural performances and learn about the rich cultural influence of Bengal in India.

This 3-night Ganges cruise itinerary will commence with ABN Sukapha on 28th September 2018 onwards.


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