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Recent visit to the Baranagar English Tuition Centre, supported by ABN Foundation

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Cruising season means even more visits to our bright young friends at a rural Baranagar English Tuition Centre along the Ganges, supported by ABN Foundation. They grow so fast and learn so quickly – we can barely keep up with the kids!

In addition to equipping the school with amenities like fans, cycles, a library case and audio-visual resources, ABN Foundation is also currently engaged in the expansion of the premises to comfortably house 250 students in Kalyan Mandal's Baranagar English Tuition Centre.

Watch this short in-house video taken of the school (as it undergoes construction) on our recent visit with the first guests of the 2018-19 cruising season.

5% of the proceeds from every cabin booked with Assam Bengal Navigation is put forward as a contribution to ABN Foundation to support education, environment and community development in the regions we operate in.


So how did ABN Foundation come to play a part in this school? Read the words of Kalyan Mandal, head of this Baranagar rural school, as he tells his own story.

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