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A Glimpse at the Revamp of ABN Rajmahal

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Here's a glimpse into the revamp of the saloon and bar area of ABN Rajmahal. We were excited to bring out the wonderful colours of tropical India whilst celebrating the artisanal work of Bengal and, of course, staying true to our style of home-coming coziness with collectibles from the region that each tell a story.

We support the work of local artisans, and promote regional arts and crafts of the region as we believe in creating a feeling of home-coming that is a kind of luxury in itself. Every piece of furniture and collectibles featured in the saloon of ABN Rajmahal tell a story of the region. The majority of the furniture are hand-crafted and hand-woven by local artisans (aside from a few antique pieces that bring the space together).

Teak and cane are a favourite combination

You will find antique 'objets and curieux' that tell you stories of the fabulous artisanal work of the region

Do you like the revamp of ABN Rajmahal? We would love to hear your thoughts! Tell us what you think >

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